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Massage Therapy For Disabilities

I have been given consent for these photographs of my clients to be on my website to show my experience providing massage therapy and the benefits it has for them. I have asked them a couple of questions about the treatment to show their thoughts and opinions. 


W. Johnson

What is your disability?

Spinal Muscular Atrophy - a neurological condition that affects your nervous system and progressive effects on the muscle. 


Why does massage therapy benefit you?

Well apart from the regular benefits massage therapy gives everyone to help you relax, it helps my joints, the stiffness, as I am staying in the same position for a long time and helps relieve the knots out of my muscles. 


What do you enjoy about the treatment?

I like how I feel after the treatment and it also helps that the massage therapist is very nice too. 

A. Featherstone

What is your disability?

Arthrogryposis- a muscle disorder that causes multiple joint contractures at birth. A contracture is a limitation in the range of motions in the joint. 


Why does massage therapy benefit you?

It helps me to relax and releases tension out of the muscles. Also, the stretching feels good for my joints. 


What do you enjoy about the treatment?

Soothing and it makes me feel better for the week. Clears my mind for a bit.

P. Mee

What is your disability?

Spinal Injury C5 and C6 


Why does massage therapy benefit you?

It helps to relax certain muscles that are affected by the injury and relieve the pain.


What do you enjoy about the treatment?

It feels good and relieves me from the tension.

I also have clients in Eccles at the 'Links Resource Centre' who have autism and disabilities. 

To carers, if you feel like massage therapy will benefit for your care and would like to book in future treatments give me a call on:


or email 


I will be happy to help. 

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